Income from us.

You are welcome to our website. Now you can earn money from our website by becoming a customer care agent. Only thing you have to do is to invite the visitors to join our website. You can register unlimited clients and upgrade their accounts to SUPER MEMBER ACCOUNT per day. We are ready to pay for your talents and trustworthy.


After selecting as an agent, you will have a customer care agent login account to chat with our clients. If you are able to join a person to our website and upgrade their account to SUPER MEMBER ACCOUNT, you will have 20 % commission off their payment.


One client ---------> Rs 100 or $ 1.


To become a customer care agent, you should have a good knowledge of English to communicate with foreign clients. In the above role, chatting with them is considered as more important. Therefore your writing skills are very important to build constant relationships among our clients.


The main role of an agent is to protect the website and its service by serving and being familiar with visitor of our website. The responsibility of an agent is to build a good trust in our website and its service. The future of the website depends on the customer agents of the website.


If you are interested in joining as a customer care agent of the website, drop an email to our administration department. As soon as your mail receive us, you will be contacted for interview.


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